3D Architectural Visualisation – Garden Rooms in Chester & Cheshire

Architectural Visualisation project for the creation of quality garden rooms in Chester & Cheshire.

Garden Rooms Architectural Visualisation Chester

Architectural Visualisation – Chester Garden Rooms

This architectural visualisation project was for a client based in Cheshire who was creating luxury garden rooms. Click here for their website.

There were various options available as shown below. The above example shows an interior hot tub space with changing rooms to the right.

architectural visualisation chester cheshire

The above design takes on a more traditional/classical style. This image combines real 3d foliage elements as well as some background photography integration and a little foreground photographic integration in the flowers to give it a realistic finish.

architectural visualisation chester cheshire

The above garden room is of a more contemporary style.

architectural visualisation chester cheshire

This too is a contemporary style and features more of an office set-up.

Contact me for architectural visualisation in Chester, Manchester & North West.

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