3d Architectural Visualisation: Chester, Cheshire & North West

Come to Architectural Visualisation 3d for all your 3d architectural visualisation needs in the Chester area including Cheshire and the North West!

3d Architectural Visualisation

Note: above image is a photograph of Chester, not a rendering.

If you’re an architectural business or a property developer and need 3d architectural visualisation for your project, then check out this site which is the personal architectural visualisation portfolio of myself, Andy Walsh.

I myself live in Chester and offer the sorts of competitive rates that you can expect with a freelancer who works for himself as opposed to a studio or larger company.

What’s more is that I offer very high levels of quality in my 3d visualisations and try to inject something more than just a ‘picture of the property’ but to make it come to life or to add an extra dimension to it. This is sometimes referred to in architectural visualisation circles as ’emotional architectural visualisation’, and is the future of marketing and selling a physical space before it goes to production/construction. Indeed such an attention to detail and fine-tuning can often make the difference between a project getting approved or not.

Here are some of my 3d architectural visualisation projects…

3d Architectural Visualisation - Chester

Consider the above 3d rendering in terms of selling it to whomever might be responsible for approving or disapproving it. Perhaps this extension needs the approval of a family member. In rendering it at night, with cosy lighting, we can illustrate more than just the physical layout and cold, clinical dimensions, but what it will feel like to be lived in.

Architectural Visualisation 3d - Cheshire

This image won cgarchitect.com’s ‘Visualisation Pro of the Week‘ award. Here I set up the shot to look very arty, like a landscape painting. One of the key factors here is the initial photograph upon which we will montage the 3d elements. Also key is the photograph of the person, which must match the lighting and mood.

3d Architectural Visualisation - North West

Above is a 3d visualisation interior for a house conversion/extension. The architect was responsible for the basic building but needed to really sell the ‘space’ to the client with the addition of a fully finished and lived-in, photo-real rendering. I had to balance the exposure for the outside view, which the (client’s) client wanted to illustrate but not darken the interior too much as a result – usually one exposes for either the interior or exterior.

Furnishings of a neo-classical style were important here, as was establishing a composition. So we have the girl sat by the fire as our focal point, with the colour temperature going from cool on the left and bottom, to bright and warm in her corner which leads our eye.

3d Architectural Visualisation - Chester

I moved to Chester because I love the architecture. I think that’s my main criteria when choosing anywhere to live and Chester, as well as surrounding Cheshire, has some of the most incredible historical, preserved architecture in the UK.

It’s my intention to blog more about Chester and its architecture as this site developes. I’d like to study other areas of the architecture such as the finer detailing and document it with photography. Stay tuned for updates!

So please contact me for a quote for your 3d architectural visualisation project in and around Chester, Cheshire and the North West.


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